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Hi, I am MennoMarshMenno,
I am a boy born in the Netherlands, and I live in Spijkenisse.

I enjoy Programming, I think it's quite relaxing. I mainly program in Python, or JavaScript. I also like tech, like computers I have a raspberry Pi 5 but I haven't used it for anything but I do have idea's what to use it for I just need to find the motivation to start working on those idea's.

When programming I mostly live by one simple motto: 'My code doesn't work, I don't know why. I change some things, it now works, I don't know why.'
The previous rewrite of the site was actually quite plain and simple with a theme switcher, however I probably wont bring back the theme switcher. Sorry!

I am also one person on this planet that dislikes governments very, very much, I'm actually an anarchist. Even though I don't show it. I also like to have online privacy, which Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Apple etc. don't give me, which makes me very upset.

One thing that also makes me mildly angry is that it's currently better for the user experience (IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING) to pirate movies & video games etc, but I only pirate movies, sometimes games but that is because I then don't support what the developer of that game is doing.

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In the future when I am working etc, I would like to emigrate to Finland, the reason for this is because I think it is a very interesting country, and in the winter there is a lot of snow! and in the Netherlands we almost never get snow these days.

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